Harddrive screwed to the max

One day, turned on the computer and woops it wont load up because hal.dll is missing. It had never done that before, i hadnt been messing with system files or installing anything.

So i decided i would do a repair installation, try that but the apparent the strature of the windows was too corrupt. So i messed around in recovery mode for a bit, trying to copy hal.dll from the windowsxp disk onto my harddrive but i kept getting access denied!! I ended leaving the computer doing chkdsk for a few hours, and then tried to repair windows and it kind of work i was given the option of reinstalling windows but not having to format everything (my music/homework is all on here :@) so i did so, i finally reinstalled windows and got onto windows to find all my data hidden in a folder called “found.000” which had 100’s of folders in of which had random parts of my data in, so all my data was scattered. I finally put together everything i needed, and i am currently putting them on DVD so i can fully format windows and start a fresh.

But, will my harddrive do this again??? why did it happen? should i get a new harddrive?

Thanks everyone

check your hdd with powermax
guide: http://www.maxtor.com/_files/maxtor/en_us/documentation/manuals/powermaxiso_guide_en.pdf