Harddrive question

Hi, i would like to take my harddrive out of my computer and put it in another, can i do that without losing any information.

Yes you can…as long as you don’t do something like drop the drive when you take it out :bigsmile:

Or reformat the disc in the new computer :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting serious, be sure that the other computer have a sufficient PSU: adding a HDD will consume more power

It just isn’t that simple.

If this is a not a system disk - no operating system installed - then no problem, otherwise you could be having a nightmare.

Well, if you put it in as the boot drive, it will try to install all the new hardware (which is not good if you should want to put it back, and not even if you want to use it that way). As long as it isn’t the boot drive, you can read and write from/to it in the other PC at your leisure.

I assumed it wasn’t an OS drive - of course if it’s got an OS installed on it, and you plug it into the new machine as boot drive, it’s going to start trying to install drivers etc for the different hardware.

However, when swapping hard drives between my own machines, it’s usually as a slave drive. The OP didn’t make it clear whether he/she was wanting it as their boot drive.

Yes, you’re right Arachne, we’re trying to be cautious here :slight_smile: . Even as a second drive it may not show up in Explorer without initializing it first. And then we’re assuming the other PC isn’t running Win95/98/ME and the disk is NTFS… It should be OK, but it isn’t always that simple, as TimC said.

I know :slight_smile:

I think we need a few more details about what the OP wants to do etc :iagree:

it is my bootdrive and i have all my programs on there … would i have a problem installing this drive in another computer as a boot drive, what would be the best thing to do here.

Refer to post #4. The OS has all the drivers installed for your current PC so depending on the amount of hardware differences there are between PC’s, would be directly related to how bad your nightmare is.:bigsmile: I have never succesfully swapped a HDD with an OS installed but others say they have.

You will run into nothing but trouble. If you are lucky, it will sort of work, but the odds are that the differences in hardware will drive windows crazy. Also, windows will want you to reactivate because there will be too many hardware changes. The best you can hope for is to get data off before you transfer it and then do a new install from scratch.

I just did this. A new install is the best method.

I was post #4…What happen to it?

Maybe you didn’t hit submit reply? If it was deleted by accident I would see it but I don’t.:slight_smile:

thanks for all the help

I have been offline (and are still doing a lot of work) because of a image change that turned into hdd problems and me running off a 8GB drive while I save 600 GB of data from the other drives and re-build things :doh: it never seems to be as easy as you think :disagree: but a few things you can do to make life a bit easer, are to take a copy of the MBR & MFT, MPT (master boot record and master file table, master partition table) they are small and can fit on a floppy and can save your data/life in the end.

IMO you cant change a OS/boot disk (and it work) unless the hardware and drivers are the same, even more so in XP because of the HW activation thing.