Harddrive problems

My brother asked me to help him get his OS loaded because it wouldn’t start up. Well, when I got to his house I found a pc that seemes to have multiple copies of windows 2000 on it. The reason I say that is that when I tried to reformat It had a three OS’s showing up on the setup screen. all on a 3500mb partition. the main partition is empty. I tried to reformat, I was going to just delete the partitions. It would not let me, even through the recovery console. It looks as thought the last copy Is partly loaded and if You just let it run it goes into the setup screen even with the disk not in the drive. I dont know how he did this. :confused: :confused: :confused: I was going to try and just reformat from home on my pc so I hooked it up as a slave And it started win2000 startup on my windows XP machine! I guess startup was partially loaded. Any ideas as to how I can refromat this drive. Hope I explained this OK!

I was going to try putting it in a external case and hook it up like that. I don’t think it will try running setup like that

Go to the HD manufacturers web site and look for a low level formatting utility, stick it back in your brothers pc and use it. This strips the hd back to factory settings removing everything including partitions from it.

I have foind the powermax utility (Maxtors one) very useful at times.

Whoa whoa STOP.

If you hook the drive up as SLAVE in your machine, it WILL NOT BOOT.

Then you just go to disk manager, erase the partitions, and you’re done.

I refuse to believe that you have actually tried this. Go move the jumpers around and hook it up properly.