Harddrive problem

Okay ths is what happened. I was sitting at my computer and transferring some files when the power in my town spiked and the computer shutdown. When I rebooted it got just past the Windows screens and would not boot. I tried everything I could think of. No help. So I figured I had to reformatt the drive. (WD RaptorX150gig) I inserted the OS disc and proceeded, then it happened the dreaded " error installing operating system " message. I am at a loss here. I have a small laptop that I am using now, but how can I get past that message to reformat, or even repair Windows, I think the power surge probably messed up the boot sector but I really do not know, I wish someone else could help me get past that dreaded message " error loading operating system." Any help would be greatly appreciated.:o

Ouch! I hope your backups are up to date. IIRC, the Windows-XP installer CD
can fix a corrupt MBR. If that fails to fix it, you could try re-partitioning and
testing the disc with either a DOS boot floppy and HDD utility or a
Linux live bootable CD.

Thanks for responding. I have the Windows installer CD and it does no good, it gets to the screen and says press any key to continue and then “nothing” I even made my CD-DVD first boot drive in the Bios. I cannot get past that " error loading operating system " message. There is proably a bootable CD you can download some where but I cannot find it. I have been through the Western Digital downsloads page for hours. I am at a total lass here.

I didn’t want to recommend it until I had tried it myself so I
just downloaded and tested the latest version of Gparted.
It works fine with my SATA HDD and Nvidia chipset.

It only has a limited set of testing/recovery tools, but at
least it might let you re-partition the drive and re-format

Good Luck!

Your specs say you have two drives. If you do boot to the other drive and run checkdisc on your Raptor from there. Can you get to the recovery console? Not sure which option you can’t get to The recovery/ repair console is Dos prompts and repair is where you basically reinatall Windows and keep your files. You can run a series of tests and fixes from the console.

Run the WD diagnostics on the drive from a floppy or CD. It’ll tell you if you have a dead drive.

And get a UPS!

Hi crossq: yes I have 2 hdds but only the Raptor has an operating system on it. So I would have to change the boot sequence and install the XP Pro on the other operating system. I am be wrong here so please correct me. If I did that would it give me access to the files on the other drive?

Yes CDan I should have a UPS but my space is limited but after this I will get one for sure. The WD Diagnostics file, ummm I looked for it and downoaded 2 file neither of which would evn run on the Hdd. When booting , right after the startup ( Asus MB) information it goes directly to " error installing operating system message." The BIOS recognises the hdd but Windows apparantly does not. This is really tough, I have never experienced this before.:o

I cannot boot to a drive without an operating sytem on it can I?:o If I unplug the power cable from the Raptor the Windows disc will run but it will not recognize the Raptor. Only my other WD2500 which just has files on it.:sad:

wow Alan sorry to hear man. I’ve been using a UPS for 3 years now and it has saved my butt many times.

Good luck.

Hi :slight_smile:
1st try installing OS to other drive (this will work without problems).
Boot from the new OS & from there try to correct problems on WD. (This may not work).
Otherwise run fdsik (having booted from floppy. This will allow acces & the ability to format etc.
Of course you should try repair from install disc too. Just boot from CD & when you get options, choose repair instead of install. :bigsmile:

Just rambling here, but did you have to provide a floppy with the SATA drivers
when you first installed the OS (pressing F6 or something)? My memory is a little foggy, but I seem to recall doing that at one time - may have been with Win2K, I don’t remember if I had to do it with XP.


I could be wrong but I believe alan1476 has XP & his Raptor is IDE not SATA.
So the question of SATA drivers doesn’t apply.
However if you had SATA then a floppy with the drivers on would be required with XP.
Vista usually not.

This is a nightmare Zebs, I am using the http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php provided by skelton above, I think it may be reformatting the HDD, at least I hope, it sgoing to take 2 hours so we will see, in order to use this I had to set the first boot device in the BIOS to my CD-DVD drive. Well I hope the only thing that I can mess up is the HDD, I can always replace it. Its just a real nightmare when you do not know what you are doing exactly. If this doesn’t work I will the operating system on my other Hdd

Just a thought here. Try reflashing your bios. That is the easiest thing to do first, it may have become corrupted during the power surge. This can cuase the error as well.
Click here

the error mentioned is usally bios related , some asus mobos have issues detecting the proper HD access mode , you should set it to “large” instead of “auto” if that wont do it then reset the cmos , whats the exact motherboard model?

You could also make a Windows PE-CD (BartPE is probably the easiest tool around) and see if you can access it from Windows PE. I dont see why people suggests why advanced and complex solutions for “trial n error”.

Asus AN832SLI Deluxe

had a look at its manual and it seems the hd mode cant be set manually so i guess its not affected by the autodetection bug i mentioned earlier , reset the cmos

Sounds encouraging. Did you re-partition the drive, or did you
leave the partition map as it was?