Harddrive light on front of computer if off

For some reason the light that flickers when the harddrive is working is not on but the harddrive works fine. The power light is on but the harddrive one is not.

I would be very grateful if someone could give me a step by step guide to connecting the harddrive light up, because i am suspecting the connection has fallen out of place.



Did the HDD LED just went out or has it never been on in the 1st place? Get a copy of your mobo’s manual, read it, find the jumper section, plug the HDD LED wire coming from the case cover into the jumper. If it doesn’t light up one way, switch it around. Done.

the location of the connector varries with each motherboard. for example, the layout of the Abit NF7-S is below. This page shows how to connect the LED leads.

You should check the documentation for your specific motherboard for details.

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The hd led connector connects to the HLED pins. Pin 1 goes to the left side. If you get this wrong, the LED won’t light up, but no harm is done. Just reverse the connection.

I make that mistake all of the time. Reversing the connector won’t harm anything as mentioned, it just won’t make the light come on. Make sure you have good light to see what you are doing. Those damn pins are fairly small and on occasion, you might attach just one side of the connector or you might put it on the wrong one.


Well i have had a look and everything seems to be in order. As stoner asked me, yes it did just go out. I have just realised when i hit the power button for my computer to turn on, the harddrive light turns on for a bit but then goes off. It never turns on again…

What make is your case? Some manufacturers will send you replacement LEDs and wiring. They’re pretty easy to replace.

I’m not sure…

It has a gigabyte symbol on the front above the power button but that is the make of my motherboard so it might not be the case producer.

OK, where did you get the system? Perhaps the vendor can help you out.

LEDs have unusually low life. Yours for some reason must’ve burnt out. Just get a replacement LED from your local electronics parts store and switch it w/ the bad one.