Harddrive cooling question!



I am about to buy the following hard drive cooler:


Now my question is should I put some thermal compound between the heatsinks on the cooler and my hard drive to aid in heat transfer, or is it a hinderence? I would think that it would be like a CPU that would need thermal compound, but I have heard different answers to the question beacuse the drive is made out of plastic, it doesn’t nead it, etc …

so any insight would be truly helpful! Thanks!



I have been using two of the following: Bay Cooler II No fancy LCD or temp readouts, but very reliable (especially the fans).

One I got in 1998, the other the end of 1999. Both have run almost continuously. They carry a 5 year warranty. :slight_smile:

These will kept my 160G WD SE drive barely warm to the touch, even after extended use. Without them, the drive seems like it would get hot enough to cook an egg. (No I did not try to cook an egg on it).

Good Luck!


did you put thermal compund?


Heatsink compound is not required.