Harddrive back up

LMAO!!! It is possible that I own/use hardware that is not in my CD Freaks signature, like a couple of 20gb Maxtor drives, etc…Anyway man, you are taking this thread way too seriously…I suggest you go have a drink/smoke/both and enjoy yourself! Who knows, you might even get laid!!! :wink:

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind

P.S. I still recommend that S.S. backs up her data to HDDs!

…I own/use hardware that is not in my CD Freaks signature… 70gb of xXx ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I just wona realiye that HDD are like to … broke down … in 1s … u can lose all of your data … if u backup something on HDD… *hit happens (lightink strike or something … dum virus… and u lose it all … even laying … safe somewhere is closet not safe enough) if u have DVD-s backup … u can put it safly (even in basment) u dont need to worry … that after reboot… your HDD(backup) wont be shown in Bios SETUP …

What i think DJmind is saying is that in this instance it is best to backup to hdd…
He is not saying to never backup to cd\dvd
Sure you need to backup music etc etc to dvd but if its only for doing a format the easest way is copy to another hdd , format then copy back what could be easer than that…
save you some money on dvd media also…

i dont want to fight ;]

but realize that there is no safe method of use ;p
there are caple terms like *hit happends >> HDD like to broke down :S

Peace + Love + Satan ;p

You are right!

… read some Murphy’s Law’s … i am not the only 1 thinking that :X

i preferred to back up files on dvd/cd fdisc plus on hd just to make it sure everything are safe…i know both of them brake in a point time and that’s the fact and story of all men who lost thier data and finding best recovery tools.