Harddrive back up

I know its time to reformat …i just wonder what you use to back up your programs …??? i’ve got so much crap on my computer i need to clean it out…and i don’t want to lose all those downloads…even though they were free…i dont’ want to take the time to download them a second time…sooo

tell me…what do you use?

when I reformat I burn all my downloaded stuff to a CD/DVD or just move them to another partition, I found it to be the quickest and easiest way. :slight_smile:

Good old Nero does the trick. Just make a standard Data CD/DVD!

Same here or move some to a second hdd if you have one installed…

I agree, moving files to a second hdd is my method of choice! :iagree:

Good Luck Sexy! :iagree:

DVD’s (up to 4.5GB of data) are cheap … better to burn =] 10x 4,5GB = 45GB :smiley:

It is much faster and easier to copy files to another HDD. :iagree:

For me I just create a folder and throw all the programs I need or want and burn them to a cd.

I don’t trust a HD to store info or data for the simple fact (which isn’t likely) that the HD may give out…but that’s just me.

Very large external HD works for me SS. Actually I have all my stuff backed up to a external drive just in case something happens to my drives or system.
I also have everything backed up on cd and dvd. A very large box of backups! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

All my “stuff” backed up on CDs.

I move all movies close to 700mb to cd and all other stuff to a second hdd

don’t forget to backup all that great Pron

Good Luck!!!

faster :S DVD 12x … or 16x … is fast enough :D, i dont trust HDD, i remember like today … 3x hdd crash (boot table) in 2 weeks … never again … DVD burner 2 win!! =]

@besmirch - When you have 150gb+ of data to back up like I do, it takes too long to burn it all to dvd.

how bout i fix ya some dinner DJ and you come over and do it for me…

Thanks Slaya…i think that will work better for me…can i use a dual boot after that?

Very tempting offer! :iagree:

humm lets see how bout i offer dessert…and

BREAKFAST …afterwards :wink:

Now that sounds like the plan! :iagree:

“Quantum Fireball (30GB) + Seagate Barracuda (80GB)” :S 150GB :?

Dont trust HDD :S especialy Quantum Fireball (30GB) i had 2 … they get down … too fast, ohh about Seagate Barracuda (80GB) - i was in shop … buy’ing new pc … and i wanted 120GB Maxtor… they didnt have … so i said it could be Seagate… they said … "we dont sell Seagate’s any more … are which were sold … are back … on waranty… " :S dont trust HDD XD


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