Harddrive 5400rpm, at which speed schould i burn DVDs?

Hi, i recently bought a DVD burner, after purchasing i notice one requirement for it was a harddrive with 7200rpm, i checked and mine is a WD400EB 5400rpm, i had already done a few DVD burns at 8x and everything went apparently well, but i want to be sure of the limits, at which speed should i burn my DVDs with this harddrive? Thank you!

There’s no set rule for this. I’d suggest you leave your system alone during a burn, as this older drive will have most difficulty when trying to read/write other things during a burn. Nero has a drive speed test, and CDSpeed also have a burn test that will help you find your max speed.

8x sounds pretty good though. But in theory your drive is able to supply data at rate adequate for even 16x. Make an effort to keep all the files needed for the burn unfragmented and grouped together.