HardDisk Restarting for no reason!

[qanda]This thread is about the Western Digital 120 GB, 7200 RPM Hard Drive. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I There !

I have a problem with my HDisk ( WesternDigital 120GB Sata ), the problem is random and sometimes without accessing to the Web.


Sometimes when im using the computer or when im idle, the Hard Drive makes a sound like it’s shutting down (almost like the power failed but only to the HardDrive) , followed by another sound like its starting again, after that the R/W LED lights up for a few seconds an then stops. I got a UPS running everything else OK.

I Tested the MotherBoard and the rest of the remaining computer with another HardDisk and had no problems at that time.
So I guess the problem it should be on the HardDrive.

Did anyone had a similar problem?
Any Clues ?

How old is that drive? Have you done a WD software diagnosis to find the problem? Could be your drive is MTBF is running out and is dying on you and time to backup your data and get a new drive. If under warranty get it replaced HDD restarting and making clicking noise is signs of it going bad and one day might just fail without you knowing.

I bought my HDrive in ± 2004.
The only check that i’ve made was a “chkdsk” and it found a couple of bad sectors.
I’ve already formated and reinstall the OS, the Bad Sectors persist.
Even with a couple of Bad Sectors it shouldn’t be switching OFF an On by it’s own.

If you tell me that i should BackUp my data and start looking for a new HDrive, i accept that. The thing is, what if the problem is some Software running on the background (like virus or something) that is causing this problem, and i go spend my money on a new HDrive and after that the problem persists.

The bad sectors are already an indication that drive is getting old.

I would suggest backing up the drive. and getting a new one. There are not a lot of viruses that do something like this since the mid 90’s to early 2000’s since the virus makers have found they can make money and take over your computer and make a bot net, not to say they don’t exist anymore its highly unlikely.

most hard drives are rated to only last 5 years. I know a lot of them last longer like the 60 gig that i have from 2000 but i don’t use it anymore just in case.

Thnks for the advice !

Either overheating or drive error problems…

Get the WD tool and scan.

I’ve orderd a new Western Digital Caviar SE16 500GB (16MB cache and 7200rpm), Silent , powerfull and reliable !

I’ve already mounted it in my computer and for the past 2/3 weeks worked just fine !

I guess the problem was in fact the old Hard Disk !

Well Problem Solved, and thanks for the Help !