Harddisk problem - not showing up in My Computer



hey guys i installed windows 7 ultimate
i have a core 2 duo 2.93 ghz 2 gb ram and 500 gb seagate harddisk and 320 gb WD harddisk
now the problem is that when i was on xp my both harddisks were working fine but when i installed windows 7 ultimate today my 320 gb harddisk is not showing up in my computer only the 500 gb is showing up all my important data is in 320 gb harddisk i installed the windows in 500 gb harddisk

i changed the sata cables for 320 gb harddisk but still now working and i checked its buzzing when i start the computer so its not a power problem can anyone tell me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz thanks you hoping for fast reply :slight_smile:


Have a quick check to see if they show up in Disk Management. Click Start, right-click on “Computer” and click “Manage”, then go into “Disk Management” on the left.

In Disk Management, you should see two drives - Disk 0 and Disk 1. If either shows ‘Offline’, right-click on it and set it to online. If the WD drive is already online, try right-clicking on a partition and set/change the drive letter. If you have any network drives, make sure the drive letter(s) don’t conflict, otherwise the network drive letter will hide the hard disk drive letter.


Okie dude I will try it when I get home at night thanks for such a quick reply btw I only have 2 drives of the 500 gb hdd nthng else I will reply when I tRy the solution u told


man thanks sooooooooooooooo much i tried its letter was same as the system drive thanks hundreds and thoussand time :smiley: really apperciate your help :slight_smile:


No problem, nice to hear it’s working. :slight_smile: