What is the best brand for IDE Harddiscs???


I’ve used IBM, Quantum, Seagates, and Western Digitals. From my experience, I like the IBM the best.

It’s the quietest, very reliable and very fast. My Quantum is good and fast too, but it’s very loud in comparison to my IBM drive.

I’ll admit though, that not all of the above drives are in the same category type, so my judgement is based upon “comparing apples to oranges”.

You can’t go wrong with an IBM drive though, most of the parts that they manufacture are used in other hd makers products.



I’ve used quantum, seagate, ibm and wd.

my choice is Seagate ( fast, silent,)



I have used Western Digital and Maxtor, butI like Maxtor best. WD seems to have bad disks from time to time, nevere had that with maxtor.



My choice would be either Maxtor or IBM. I’ve had good expriences with both kinds of drives.


western digital offer some of the cheapest in price drives, but i believe maxtor to be the best from experience. in fact, i have a 4gb 3-year-old drive running right now as a secondary drive, and it’s still tickin’.


My IBM 20.3GB failed after about 6 months. That’s a whole lot of downloads to lose. My replacement drive (from my retailer-old stock, same batch) has already thrown up some bad blocks after 2 weeks of (little) use.
No more IBM for me.


When buying hard drives an indication of their quality is the length of warranty given by manufacturer.
If it is only 1 year - forget it, go for those that come with 3 year warranty.


When warranty is a criterium, forget IBM.
They don’t warrant retail HD’s.