Hardcore firmware modification

i have a question, think codeguys can answer it best…

is it possible to disable CD works within a firmware, so the drive cannot detect/read/write cds or modify the firmware, so it cannot read +/-r dvd-media?

i`ll take a crack at that…
it is possible… also it is possible for a resistor to burn out in the laser
e.g. there are 2 pots for adjusting a dvd\cd laser 1 for dvd the other for cd…
it is possible for 1 to be out or even burnt out.

i think that might answer your question

i bet buying a cheapass cd-rom (do they even sell these) would be cheaper;p

if someone could modify a BY01 firmware, so it cannot do anything with CDs, it would be great.

Though I question your reasons for doing this, you could mess up the EEPROM checksum and the drive would refuse to recognize any media.

one can modify writing strategies/speeds, add support for unsupported media, enable auto-bitsetting, crossflash drives to completely other models (401s -> 811s), repair checksums, delete eeproms learned media data and many other things, that are very useful. and you say it is a problem to disable cd working? i don’t really believe that… :rolleyes:

Please tell me why you would want to do this :confused:. Any patch takes a considerable amount of work. While it might sound easy, it seldom is. Before undertaking any patch, we have to consider how many will benefit from the result…

just to play a little with the drive…

I think thats far away for a good reason.

I dunno if someone wants to disable the features the drive profides that sounds in my opinion somewhat crazy…

Prolly quicker to stick a label on the drive. “No CD’s Allowed!”

Come on now, be more creative than that. Are you up to the challenge ? You want to play ? Ok… How about rigging your DVD burner so that the motor spins in reverse - here’s the tricky part - it spins in correct direction to read disc ID, but spins in reverse to write to the disc, then spins correctly to update TOC… Come on, rise to the challenge :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

There’s probably a quicker and more safe method by patching at the driver level in Windows XP, to lock out CD detection and route to a drive not ready error… At least this method does not compromise the integrity of your writer, and does not involve even touching your firmware or EEPROM.

but if i disable cd detection in the windows-drivers, all drives will be affected. i want only my dvdrw to cannot detect cds. i want it to be drive-internally disabled.
come on, u really don’t know for what i reason i want to have this patched one…?!

I am interesting to know why you wanna disable
the CD function of the drive…

:rolleyes: :confused: :o :stuck_out_tongue:

Well usually he is supposed to reply: “I’d tell you but I’d have to kill you…” :bigsmile:

So now I guess some programmer needs to get to work:

Introducing, The CD Disabler V1.0… I can’t possibly think why the hell someone would need such a feature.

ok, if noone is going to help me, or just say how much work it could be, this thread can be closed.

LOL, I’d tell you but I’d have to kill you…

Haha… OK, So, Tell me why now…!
And I will sitting here waiting for you to kill…!