Hard Truck 2 ISO (Repack) is here



Just as I finished upping the original release of this, the ISO was re-released, so I reupped the whole darn lot again
This is the first truck driving sim apparently.
I hope you enjoy it.

22 Disks x 15megs appx.
Disks rar,r00,r01,r02 http://www.idrive.com/checkin11/files/Hard+Truck+2/
Disks r03,r04,r05,r06 http://www.idrive.com/checkin12/files/Hard+Truck+2/
Disks r07,r08,r09,r10 http://www.idrive.com/checkin13/files/Hard+Truck+2/
Disks r11,r12,r13,r14 http://www.idrive.com/checkin14/files/Hard+Truck+2/
Disks r15,r16,r17,r18 http://www.idrive.com/checkin15/files/Hard+Truck+2/
Disks r19,r20,sfv

IMPORTANT: After you download files dvnht2.r09 and dvnht2.r10, rename them, so .r09 becomes .r10 and .r10 becomes .r09.
I know this sucks, but it should help the files stay up longer.

So credits to raiden for this !