Hard times for p2p users coming?

Over at cnet news november 18, 2004 new headline=RIAA files new round of P2P lawsuits
Published: November 18, 2004, 1:03 PM PST(link=http://news.com.com/RIAA+files+new+round+of+P2P+lawsuits/2100-1027_3-5458594.html?tag=st_lh) (extract="The Recording Industry Association of America filed a new round of lawsuits against anonymous computer users on Thursday, alleging they had illegally traded copyrighted files through peer-to-peer networks.

As in previous months, the trade group highlighted lawsuits against individuals at college campuses, where students have often taken a leading role on peer-to-peer networks. Just 25 of the 761 people sued were at campuses, however.

The labels’ announcement came only days after the Motion Picture Association of America filed its own first round of similar lawsuits against file-traders, the first by Hollywood studios.")
Now the story of the mpaa legal action is over at the register dated november 17th 2004(link here=http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/11/17/court_mpaa_suits/)