Hard time listing to audio cds in car deck

heres the thing…

when i put in the recorded cd in my car deck it doesnt play. (kinda old deck which doesnt support cdrs)anyways, when i press and hold down the “foward button” or “skippin tracks” for a period of time it plays (sometimes!!! not all the time). when the cd starts to plays it plays perfect through out the whole cd, no skips or anything. only problem is getting the cd to play start playing at any track. i dont konw if i make sense to yall. i dont want to get a new deck yet. i burns at 4x with nero.

is the quality cd’s important in this situation? any ideas is good to me.

Using quality CDs for car players is very important. Taiyo Yuden make very high quality CDs. Also you could try some discs with a dark blue bottom. Maybe some Verbatim Metal Azo discs. Taiyo Yuden cyanine discs should also do the trick.

and don’t burn them at max speed, lower to 16x or less :wink:

Even 16x can sometimes be too much. 8x is safe, but 4x is even more so (if you can spare the time).

since he burns at 4x in nero…i doubt thats the problem :wink:

sounds like its having trouble finding the tracks it needs to follow, as you say - its just fine when it finally finds them. if different cdrs do not work, it may be a hardware problem. how long since its been cleaned / bought etc?

i have the some problem

my radio-cd player doesn’t accept burned cd’s also.
but when i try to play, i skip some songs…it will start to play somtimes…then i just skip back to song 1…and i can listen to whole cd.

it is just a compatability issue…because the player is to old