Hard subtitle conversion

when i play avi file english movie some scenes speak foreign language and subtitle are visible on when i watch it on PC…but won’t come up during and after conversion using convertxtodvd.
any suggestion? or any other programs like convertxtodvd?


Hi tenwen and welcome to the forums. :flower:

Not sure about your software problem but if you want those images to be available to others then you need to upload them as attachments.

To do this click the ‘Go Advanced’ link next to ‘Quick Reply’ then select the paper clip icon.

Then use the paper clip icon again to insert the attachment into your post.



ok not sure if this is attached correctly…
if it is…notice 'translation" subtitle…and man speaking in foreign in 1 scene…notice translation/subtitle.

i can seems to obtain this during conversion

sorry this is first time in forum
plse notice i can watch movie on PC and see sbtitle/translation…
but can not obtain this using convertxtodvd…get alert
"subtitles are not visible during conversion" …and not on disc after after conversion
any suggestion?