Hard part over now someone tell me what works for them

I have a brand new Benq1640…soooooo what i was wondering…

what kinda dvd’s work best for you guys…
you have that -R and + R
then theres the rewriteables…

geeze all i wanna do is burn something !! ya’ll men make it so dang complicated… :bigsmile:

DVD+R…Preferably Taiyo Yuden, Maxell or Verbatim.

I don’t know about the bitsetting utility for the 1640, but I’m someone here will tell you how to use it so you can set the booktype to DVD-ROM (So it will be more compatible.)

It looks like with the latest 1640 firmware BSMB you can take your pick of +R or -R. DJMinds suggestions are good. If you choose +R you can use bitsetting which is found in QSuite. There’s also a new version of QSuite v2.1.

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When you see “Made in Japan” on the box, then go for it: these media are the best.

I suggest also to take a couple of rewritable if you need to do some experiments, so you don’t waste media.

Amen to that!

And as far as the bitsetting, when I downloaded the Q-Suite utility from BenQ’s site, DVD+R was already bitset to DVD-ROM, so it was ready to rock right out of the box. Only thing you might want to do is turn WOPC off (unless you have junk media to burn; WOPC has its own tab in Q-Suite). I have generally left Overspeed and SolidBurn on (again, both have their tabs for the settings in Q-Suite).

To be honest, you’ll probably burn just fine if you just go for it, depending on the software you ususally use to burn. (What software do you usually use?) All this WOPC, Overspeed, and Solidburn stuff is for the habitual tweakers… (OK, so I am one!!! SO WHAT!!! :bigsmile: ) But you may want to make sure your firmware is flashed to at least BSLB. There’s actually a newer one out right now, but the jury seems to be out on whether or not it is an across-the-board improvement.

This is all from a fellow BenQ newb, as I’ve only had my DW1640 for a few days. The main issue I had with the drive was resolved by using different software. (Because DVD Decrypter is not being updated anymore, and it’s quickly becoming obsolete… :frowning: ) Now that I’m past that, this looks like an awesome burner!

You might want to check the thread I started about a week ago when I was waiting for my DW1640 to come in…




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