Hard Extreme Ricoh MP7200 20/10/40 CD-RW Review

I just posted the article Hard Extreme Ricoh MP7200 20/10/40 CD-RW Review.

HardExtreme Argentina has a review on the Ricoh MP7200. This drive writes at 20 speed, rewrites at 10 speed and reads at 40 speed. It also makes use of the JustSpeed technology, developed by Ricoh…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1911-Hard-Extreme-Ricoh-MP7200-20_10_40-CD-RW-Review.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1911-Hard-Extreme-Ricoh-MP7200-20_10_40-CD-RW-Review.html)

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“made in china” where else are most elektronic devices made??? and do you really think “made in europe” would make a difference? :r

Sounds good, does anyone know if they’re working on any developements for RW, I dont just mean Ricoh, I mean in general? Are any speed increases expected there in the anytime forseeable future.

Hi! If this driver is so good, can it write SD2 protected games (writes EFM encoding correctly) and what is prize… This drive can be good but I don’t need yet so fast burner, I use my old 4x mitsumi! :wink: And that burner rocks!

Hi, Ive already tested that device, too - it doesn’t copy SD2 protected CD’s, but therefor supports reading/writing RAW-DAO + RAW-SAO !!! So for those of you who are on a run for a real good “subchannel”-device - the Ricoh is it :wink:

Wow… what could I say? :8

hmmm, looks like the new generation of cd recorders will never support sd2 protections, damn, i would like to throw my old philips 4x out of my window, but this lucky drive handels sd2 perfectly and my sony crx140e is okay, but i need a faster drive, that supports sd2. I hate using two burners in one pc. Hope there will be a new fast recorder made by phillips, which handels sd2. Anyway, the ricoh drive is great, but i think they wont release a sd2 compatible burner, cause they would earn too much money or even they couldn’t build enough devices for us. :4

Nila, there has been some updating of the Orange book standards… with speed increases up to 16x.

… well - as much as I can “see” most of you want a drive that can copy all - so you should have a closer look at the ACER CRW 1208A - said to be able to copy SD2, SecuRom NEW&old… :wink:

Tom909… Don’t throw your 4x philips out of the window… I’m using a very old 2x philips to copy sd2… :slight_smile: