Hard drives larger than 137GB

I recently installed a 250GB drive. The BIOS does not support the 48bit addressing and reads it as an 8GB drive. I have Windows XP SP2 and enabled Large LBA support and Windows reads the drive size correctly.

There is no update for my BIOS from Sony (Sony Vaio pcrx462ds) and AwardBios has no updates either.

Will I have problems with data corruption on the drive? Will I be able to store more than 137GB of data on it?

Any help would be appreciated.

Is the file allocation set as ntfs instead of fat?

I would Dos partition (using the windows XP sp2 install CD) the hard drive drive to a bunch of smaller hard drives and keep them like this all the time.

Have you been to the HDD makers web site and looked for any utils that may help you install this drive.
I recently bought a Maxtor 250Gb drive and had no trouble installing it with max blast 4.

You are absolutely correct. I’ve been through this with seagate and Western Digital as well.

What is the make of this HD? There’s got to be something out there for it.

Like [B]weedougie[/B] mentioned, tools like maxblast will avoid such problems.

The manufacturer is important.

When I installed the drive not only did the software’s window make partitioning a simple task it also copied my C partition as well. 20 minutes later it was installed as master, as easy as falling over when drunk. :smiley:

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