Hard drive



I’ve just purchased a 160gb hard drive installed it formatted it ok.
I know that i do not get the full 160gb bit when i go to my computer and highlight the drive it says total size 149gb free space 148gb surley it should be free space 149gb as well.Any one got any ideas on this one.Thanks


The OS might have put a hidden file on the drive or something. When you formated it what sector size did to you tell it to use?


Formatting a drive takes a small ammount of space for things like

Index / Folders
Allocation tables
Security Descriptor Sectors
Other data needed for the disc format.

This all takes space away from the overall space even before data is written onto the disc.


This could be the same trick all HD manufacturers us as 1GB is 1000 instead of 1024, nothing new. Window report in 1024, which is actual binary size (power of 2).
Any data, formatting does, should not be 10GB in size.