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Hi Iam a newbie and have a newbie ques…I use 1clickdvd copy with patin coffin and have been burning dvd’s to disc. I need to know how to remove these movies from my hard drive now. I got a mssg that my hard drive space was about all used up and this really is all I have been doing. Any response would be great thanks. allison


Simply find the movie on your hard drive and click onto it. Next press and hold the shift key and then press the Delete button. A window will appear saying “Are you sure you want to delete”. Hit the yes button and hey presto all gone.


ok, like I said, Im a newbie…How do I find the movie on my hard drive? Thanks for the quick response


If I said look for it would you know what to do?

Open up My Computer Double click on c: and then start opening up the folder in your computer. I would guess that the movies would be stored under Program files then in 1clickdvd or the company name.

The other option open to you is to use the Search facility on your computer. Simply search for the name you gave the file.* EG. TheMatrix.*


or you can go through the process up untill it wants you to save it to the hard drive and look at the location or destination what ever it calls it and just like womble said go to that area and delete them


apparently what i’m looking for is so small, I cant seem to find it:-)

Anyway, when I burn a dvd it doesnt ask me if I want to save it to the hard drive. It compresses, then rewrites onto disc.I went to my program files and cant find any of the movies stored in there??? Ireally hve searched everywhere and cant seem to locate anything or just dont know what to look for.


try to do a search for .iso , .mds , .mdf , .bin , .cue , .mpeg and so on these are file extensions that it could possiby use. Sorry but I am not familiar with the programs you are using

However if you feel like trying to use something else give dvd shrink and dvd decryptor a try they are freeware and can be downloaded from http://doom9.net
there is also an option with decryptor when it burns it will delete the image for you when the burn process is complete. There are several other great recording/ripping/burning programs but not all are free

sorry i cant help more but im not familiar with the ones you are currently using


Thanks rfjr for your help…great web site, very informative! I’ll look into it. Thanks again