Hard drive

hi all,
i’m not officially a computer geek (just a joke, not meant to offend) but, i do have some familiarality with the inside of a computer installing whatnot. before i trashed one of my old computers i pulled the hard drive. it was a windows 95. i need some files off of it. is there a way to install this into my newer windows xp system without formatting it, and be able to access/copy those files to the other harddrive? : thanks.

baltimore, md

Sure, just add the harddisk to the xp harddisk, i mean: put the old drive as slave on the ide cable from the xp system.

Do you know what i mean (ask me if you don’t know how to install devices etc :wink: )?

well, i can certainly attach the old to the new. i get fuzzy with messing with the jumper settings and what commands to perform to set it up. i assume i do this from the c:\prompt? thanks.


2 things:

  1. Jumper:

Look on the side where the ide port is and look for the jumper, shown at this picture, and jump it as “slave” (the old hard drive)

  1. Connect to IDE

Add the drive to the ide cable where the new drive is and make sure that the latest drive is jumpered as “master”

After you connected the old drive, the pc should start with the latest (XP) drive and the old is shown in the explorer.

thank you. i will attempt this when i get home. if n.g. i’ll let you know.


Mkay :wink:

Do not hesitate to ask me if you have problems with the devices.