Hard Drive won't spin... can I recover?



i dropped my hard drive, and not it will not spin up… jus makes a noise… is there a way to recover my data?

Thanks in advance.


I don’t think so.


RMA that POS to the manufacturer if it’s still within warranty, you killed it.


there are some companies like Ontrack(www.ontrack.com) who do things like that. However its VERY expensive. Basically they have to open up the drive in a clean room (dust/dirt free room wearing the suits etc).


Modern drives use glass platters!

It wasn’t the fall that killed it… IT WAS THE LANDING!

Seriously, that sort of bang, even if the floor was carpeted, is likely to do severe damage, due the the G forces in the sudden halt.

If the platters are intact, then professional recovery may be possible, but it won’t be cheap, and isn’t ever certain to be successful either.

The question, is your data worth the attempt, in pure monetary value, or for other reasons.