Hard Drive won't power on

Turning the drive on will only cause case’s light to blink once. The HD doesn’t spin and it seems as though no power is going into the drive.

I should note that the last time I used it, the drive’s On switch was accidentally turned on as I plugged my power cord in. It continued to work fine for that session, however.

Is this problem easily serviceable or am I screwed? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Nope, drive dead.

Check the cables, maybe they are lose.

Drive dead? Are you so sure? It honestly seems to me more like a problem with the casing’s power. Is the blue light flashing only once at the flick of its switch a sign of a dead drive? I am about to have a heart attack

To reiterate: I turn the power switch on and it seems to have no effect on the drive besides the blue light lighting up for a millisecond.

And no… cables aren’t loose.

Is this an internal or external drive?
What make and size is it?

External HD
Maxtor DiamondMax 10
Model: 6L250R0
250GB PATA1133 HDD

3 Firewire & 4 USB 2.0 hubs

This drive came with a Princeton Mac Mini-style case (PHD-MM250IUH).

http://www.princeton.co.jp/product/pc/phdmm.html (unfortunately in Japanese).

Shall I try taking the drive out and throwing it into another case?

I’ve switched the drive into another case and it boots up fine. Everything is still there. Almost had me there, chef… Any ideas on what I could do with my case that doesn’t seem to want to power up?

Could be the PSU in the dodgy case that’s gone out? In which case, I’d just ditch it and use a new case. I’ve had blown desktop PSUs that exhibited the same symptoms.

Man, you are a lucky star. :wink:

Alpha5: If you are still having this problem & haven’t solved it yet, I would follow Arachne’s advise. It sounds to me like the Power Supply is fried. I’ve seen this type of symptom occur numerous times.

In your original post, you said that the problem occured after you plugged the power cord into the PSU while the power switch was on. This could have caused a small power surge, but just enough to damage the PSU. The reason you are seeing the case light flicker is because a miniscule amout of electricty is still flowing through the unit, just enough to flicker the LED lights which require very little power.

The other worst case scenerio would be is that you fried your motherboard. This can happen with power surges.

If you could get your hands on a power supply tester (you can buy them at minimal cost at just about any electronics store) you could test the PSU. The other way you could test it is, remove the PSU from the case & plug it into an electrical outlet. If the PSU fan(s) spin, then most likely it’s the mobo. If they don’t spin, then it’s the PSU.


Try to change the cable on your hard drive and make sure you have 12 volt power connected to that.

Try the PSU from another computer. If that does not work, then you need to try another CPU. If that doesn’t work, then your motherboard is the culprit.

I just encountered this problem again and found this thread not realizing that I originally started it a year ago!

Thanks everyone for the responses. I’ve done your tests and believe the motherboard is fried. I’ll be out shopping for a new case tomorrow.