Hard drive won't load by itself



Hi, I listed a problem about a week ago about my hard drive not loading up on any computer. I have been able to recover all the data thanks to Whappo. He told me about Partition Find and Mount, basically my hard drive lost its letter? I guess is the best way to explain it.

My question today is, how do I make the hard drive load up automatically?.. I mean, the hard drive won’t load up anything until I search for it with Partition Find and Mount…

So I have to mount the drive with a letter before it shows up on my/or any computer. Is there a way to permanently give the hard drive a letter? or do I just have to deal with mounting it on any computer I go to?



Run fdisk or a similar tool and mark your partition 1/hdd as active.
Then go into the mobo BIOS and set up this hdd as boot device.


If the hard drive has an active partition then a drive letter can be assigned from the Disk Management in XP/Vista. Here’s the MS help doc: