Hard Drive Won't Boot

The Hard Drive is a SimpleTech STIUSB235120 120 GB SimpleDrive Hi-Speed USB 2.0 External Hard Drive.

I live in colorado where the temperature fluctuates a lot and so the hard drive gets cold when i don’t have it running. When i do turn it off, it used to boot right up but last time i turned it off it would not start up until it warmed up. When it warmed up, the hard drive turned on fine and all the information was perfect. Now, the power cut out and my hard drive won’t boot up no matter the temperature of the external. I haven’t dropped the hard drive as far as i know. The power light comes on, however the disks don’t spin and i cannot get any connection. There are no weird noises to include clicks or anything that would indicate the hard drive is trying to spin.

Wondering of there is anything i can do or chalk it up as a loss?

Open the case unplug both the data lead and the power, reseat firmly and switch on.
If no go take the drive out of the box and try it on another computer, remember to set the drive to slave.
It could be the interface on the usb box that has gone faulty and not the drive.
If it works then you know the problem lies in the other unit, if not it may be trash!