Hard drive wont be detected anymore! Please HELP!



Hello Everyone,

So I was using a computer running windows 7 with 2 GB ram and BitDefender 2010 Total Protection… or total crap!

out of nowhere my computer would not let me save on to my USB, so I restarted the computer, it happened again so I re started the computer. and now my hard drive is un detectable to any computer it seems… (i plugged it in on 3 diff machines and nothing)

The HDD is a 500GB WD …

I just want to recover my info! i have critical work info there!!

I tried HDDRegenerator and it would not detect it either.

I am going crazy please help me!!!


A few ideas…:slight_smile:

Is there actually any power going to the WD, i.e. does the HDD activity light work (on my own WD MyBook, there’s a funky blue LED on the front, indicating when the drive is powered on).

Is the drive still under warranty? Not sure what these drives are like inside, but if the warranty has expired it might be worth thinking about removing the drive from its casing and hooking it up internally to see if the casing and/or external power supply might be the culprit. As I’ve never done this, perhaps others can provide further guidance if you choose to go that route.

Sounds really silly this idea, but…you have tried the drive plugged into different electrical sockets? (Hey, you never know…;)).

Of course, a data recovery service is always an option if the data is critical, but this is expensive and I wouldn’t pursue that one unless I was really desperate. :wink:



at first I would try if you can access the drive from a Live Linux CD. Very often, Linux can access a HDD where Windows fails to do so.




Thank you both for your suggestions.

@MCIAHEL - could you further explain the linux stuff as to how I can get it and so on.

Thank you!


Help please


@MCIAHEL - could you further explain the linux stuff as to how I can get it and so on.[/QUOTE]Download the CD ISO of either Ubuntu (www.ubuntu.com) or Knoppix (www.knoppix.org), burn to CD and boot your computer from that disc. Both, Ubuntu and Knoppix come with a graphical user interface so they are rather easy to operate. Use the file managers included to attempt accessing your HDD.
If you are successful, connect an external HDD to grab your data from the corrupted disk.