Hard drive uninstalling


Hi, O/S Win 7Pro 64 bit. I have hard drives removed from my computer while I’m using my computer. Then, a short while later, I noticed the said hard drive is loaded back into my computer. The hard drives is plugged into my m/b sata ports. Any idea why it is doing this and how to stopped it from doing it.


Have you tried changing the data cable between the mainboard and the hard drive?
It may be a imperfect contact.


Also please check the health of your hard drive with this tool.



will replace the sata cables and see what happens, as well test the hard drives.


If the SATA cables, power and data, do not solve the problem you may want to go to the control panel and check your power options. One of the advanced options is to turn off the hard drive after so many minutes. I always have this option set to never (0) so I do not know if the drive actually disappears from the computer or not. I have had problems with hard drives losing power while the computer is running. If you listen closely you will hear the drive spin down and then back up when the power resumes. Good luck.


checked that, I have always enabled never put the computer to sleep , but I noticed from day 1 that ,whenever, I go to any of my hard drives to retrieve or save a file, I have to wait for the hard drive to spin up.


You may want to look into the power settings in the control panel. In the advanced power settings there is an option specifying how long the drive can remain inactive before the computer powers down the drive. If you have a balanced power setting I am confident that this setting will have some value. A setting of 0 is equal to never. I am not saying that this is your problem, but it is something else to check. I use a high performance power option setting and I have all of my components set to remain on indefinitely. Good Luck.


Hi, thanks for the advise. Will tried it. By the way, does this override the power saving management that is install in my Seagate firmware hard drive?


Try to use a recovery software.