Hard drive to dvd copy

I copied one of my programs to my HD as an ISO with Nero 6 I now want to write it to a DVD so I have a hard copy. Windows XP wants to write to a cd but the program is to big to go on a cd what can I use to complete this task.
If I can do this will I be able to use this dvd to reload the program?
Thanks in advance for any assistance.
Please forgive me if I am asking this on the wrong forum but I have spent hours trying to find an answer.

whomever is to reply Mr Matthew, kindly consider replying this one too.

I bought a JVC evario 20 GB hard disc digital cam coder and along with that i recd one power plus gold softwr to help make movies.
being a volunteer , i wanted to help our orgnaisation to make DVD of our camps which normally has 45 hrs of class room discussions. I never knew that 20 gb is nothing when 45 hrs will need 45 x 5gb apprx and so i had to buy one external hard disc imoga 160gb and download the days recording. now we realised that 45 dvds will cost a lot and each attendee of the camp cannot afford to spend that much so we decided to compress it - 4 sessions in one dvd-

everything was going smooth until one day suddenly the pc started telling us after one hr or so that dvd burning has failed and from that time onwards we find we are not able to record it regularly and properly.

also some of the recording from the JVC we copied directly on to the dvd tbru the pc…and made one dvd per session…
now when we need to include that into the compressed dvd, we find it not possible as when we copy that dvd to the pc, we get two files…vs and audio separately and find it not possible to add it along with other files of iomega.

i hope u understand what i am trying to explain…sorry that i have no idea of computer terminology and also the technology.

can any one kindly advice how to solve this problem please?
i hv a dvd writer ’ GIGABIES’ make.
do u have any suggestion for better dvd writer and better softwere?
the format of the dvd produced is mpeg i understand

a big thank you in advance for any help to everyone who think they can say something on this.

Matterras----In order to copy that ISO useing Nero you need to open Nero, cancell the page so you got a Blank Nero open, then up top choose “Burn Image” . Browse for that Image n Choose it…Hope I’ve Explained that OK…

Hi MrScary
Thanks for your help.
I can get to this stage and write the files to dvd with Nero but then I get Windows XP telling me that files are waiting to be wrtten to “CD” and with a DVD disk in the drive it will not recognise it and the program quits telling me to put a “CD” in the DVD re-writer so I am back to square one. Bit of a wind up eh !!!?!!!

sounds like your windows copy software is in conflict with your nero software.Not shore how to stop this ,when you installed nero did you click the box used nero for this app,or its something like that.

Good Morning!
I would like to know how to copy my hard drive to a dvd ?
I am very inexperianced with the computer so any simple advice would be helpful.

                                                  Thank You