Hard Drive thinks it is a DVD/CD drive

The product was not listed, but it is of little importance to my problem. For the sake of detail the product is, “External Hi-Speed USB2 2GB Hard Drive”, and has worked fine as a means to back up my internal C Drive. The external drive was E:/ My problem started when my F:/ CD drive failed and I replaced it with an internal Memorex DVD/CD LightScribe Multi Format Recorder Model MRX-530L on drive F:/.

I don’t know how it happened, but my computer changed the drive letter designations for the two drives. Since my files on the Simple Tech Drive were stored when it was the E:/ drive, I needed to change the drive designation back to E:/ I googled for a way to do that and I was able to change the letter of the drive. Only, when I tried to use Ghost 10 to back up I was unable to as I got the message that the E:/ drive is a DVD/CD drive and with insufficent capacity to back up my hard drive. I believe there must be a line in my registry that mislabels my external hard drive as my Memorex DVD/CD drive. Furthermore, the F:/ drive is no longer listed at all and the “New Found Hardware” can’t find the driver. I have the software to add the driver, but I think I have to get the external hard drive corrected first before I again try to add the DVD/CD drive.

What do I do now? Please explain in simple steps.