Hard drive thats not reconized by computer

I have a 500 g Western Digitall laptop hard drive that i would like to install on one of my laptops . The problem is when I put it into a computer its not reconized by any computer ?? how do I formate it so can use it on my laptop??? can anyone help me

I have a older model Toshiba satellite pro that wont reconized the hard drive is there a program that I can use to access dos from the start up so I might be able to formate the hard drive for use ,

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Is the HDD even recognised in the BIOS? Or just Windows?

You don’t say how old or what model your Tosh is, but on my Tosh Satellite P200D-11R it’s F2 to get into the BIOS, or F12 to have a look at the Boot Menu and see if your HDD is listed there.

If the drive’s not even recognised in the BIOS, I’m pretty sure any DOS-based utility wouldn’t see it either?

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Given that there is further info in your second post, try plugging the WD drive into a USB-to-SATA (or IDE) adapter externally, and see if your PC will pick it up then. I have a USB-to-IDE/SATA adapter lying around for just this situation.

I’d suggest to check disc management. Usage is described in Windows Help.

i had similar problem , i will also check to see if this helps me.

Was this disk protected by the Dell laptop in any way? (password protected, disk lock, etc).

All good advice above .
On the off chance your OS is old . I know my computer that has 98SE on it can’t see a NTFS formated hard drive.
I know up through XP the FAT32 format could be used. I never formatted an XP for FAT32 so I can’t say if it is able to see a NTFS formatted hard drive when the OS is on a hard drive formatted FAT32. Maybe someone will educate me on this .
The computer I have XP Pro on is formatted NFTS.

Okay, to replace a HDD on a Laptop is almost the same as a Desktop, when dealing with a single Drive. Follow your installation instructions from your User Manuel, and properly replace the old HDD with the new HDD. Now you will need your Recovery Disc or the OS Disc for your Laptop. Boot up with this Disc and follow the instructions to install the OS on your new HDD. :cool:

Well since nobody ever made IDE Notebook drives as large as 500gb
I presume it is SATA and any notebook has a new enough Bios
and chipset to work with any size SATA notebook that physically fits
(presumed exclusion of the 12.5mm thick 750gb and 1tb drives)

So the problem is obviously NOT due to the 48LBA issue.

Is this a Western digital NFT (“New Format Technology”) drive?

What Operating system are you running?

NOTE, an un-initialized drive will NOT automatically be recognized
by windows explorer or even sometimes by a windows XP installer.

So you’ll need to go to Control Panel > Administrative tools > computer management > Disc Management and “initialize” the drive
and it’s probably best to format it ( NOT a “quick format” the first time)

We have to hear back from the OP, but if the HDD is not showing up in the Bios it’s not installed properly. I looked up that Toshiba and they are SATA. So if the HDD appears in the Bios, then he could Boot up with the OS Disk, Format and load the OS. :cool:

It’s also possible that the op has replaced the boot hdd, and is confusing the "boot device not found "message with no hdd found.

To the unknowing, there’s no difference … It just doesn’t work.

[QUOTE=debro;2601248]It’s also possible that the op has replaced the boot hdd, and is confusing the "boot device not found "message with no hdd found.

To the unknowing, there’s no difference … It just doesn’t work.[/QUOTE]

Well you are correct, Laptops mostly have one HDD, replace it and there is no Boot up information. New HDD’s are bare, you have to Format them and add your OS. This is done with the Recovery Disc or OS Disc. I guess the OP gave up…No Sign. :cool: