Hard drive that can handle downloading 24/7?

I have had my hard drives getting over heated and failing too frequently. Not sure if its due to bad drives or something else. I dont really play games on my pc. But its on most of the time of the day n night. main activiities is download torrent files and watch movies and some rare burning and surf the net.

However i think the drives that i buy might not be suitable to handle to being on 24/7 that is why they are failing after getting too hot probably.

I have attached a hard disk cooler ,and 2 fans running inside the pc and still…
I use Hdd health v 3.2 beta to monitor it which is giving me Temp: 42 celcius and health 51%.

This is bad news!

I had bad experiences with ide seagate 400gb and my silent sata samsung spinpoint 250gb disappeared from bios. this is so annoying.

Can anyone of you guys suggest a hard disk that can handle downloading 24/7 and maybe switched off once it a week or very rarely,also if u use any specific cooling system inside ur case?

Thanks ahead for all ur replies.


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If one of your HDD"s are disappearing from the bios, then I would make sure you have the latest bios version on you MB.

Personally I wouldn’t bother with the HDD monitor program. Also 41C is fine for a HDD. Its more important to have good air flow through the case than inside the case. What size exhaust fan in on the case?

Just about any HDD can handle 24/7 downloading. I would suggest that you configure your downloading program to only download 2-4 files at a times, as they are completed it will move on to the next file. There are other options that control the number of simultaneous connections and the number of file pieces open at one time. You can limit them so that the HDD doesn’t have to work as hard.

You said your drives are failing too often. how are they failing?