Hard drive switch

I am getting a new computer. Question, can I take the old hard drive and hook it to the new computer with an enclosure? I know there must be some adjustments to make, if so, can someone guide me thru? T.I.A.

IF you currently have an IDE (flat ribbon cable) drive the transition to an external enclosure is virtually painless. It will connect to your new computer with the supplied USB cable and be recognized the same as a flash drive.
IF you have a SATA (small cable) drive you will need an enclosure specifically made for it. The output will also be a USB cable and the drive will function just like a flash drive.
Rocketfish and several others have enclosures that work nicely, btw.

Thanks for the reply, I have an IDE and Ide/Sata enclosure. The hard drive is Sata, so by using the Sata enclosure it should work ok?