Hard drive problems :(



Ok, basicly I have a 160GB SATA hard drive (Maxtor), I am trying to re-install Windows XP on it, basicly I deleted all old partitions, problem is that when I come to make a new one it is much smaller, at around 130000mb, rather than around 160000mb, I tried formatting it with the MandrakeMove DVD, it formatted fine to around 155000mb then, and when I started the Windows installer it was still fine and shows up as the right size, but then when I deleted that partition (as it is Linux, not NTFS) and created a new one it says the maximum size is around 130000mb again, so I will be losing 30GB.

Any ideas how I can get it back to around 155000mb and install Windows XP Pro?

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Hey BCN_246…

It’s my understanding that Windows will only operate on a maximum of 133ghz. The rest is saved for recovery. Why I’m not sure but this is what a freind of mine that works on 3M’s network has informed me.



I’m not sure that I fully understand (why do you have a a linux partition) but reguardless, disable system restore and see if you get your space back. If it does come back, you can reenable system restore and tell it how much space it is allowed to use. You could run with restore disabled but I would give it at least a little space to run with. If you are not going to have any important data on it and do not mind reinstalling if something gets messed up you could just run without it but sometimes system restore (even if you don’t give it a lot of space) can really save you some time.


I am not sure if it will work but I do know that the IDE HD comes with a Max Blast cd for HD over 130gig I have never had a need for it my self (I guess I have been lucky)

I have a 200gb maxtor sata and it formated with windows xp disk to 190gb but my 160gb Ide maxtor formated to 145gb. It is weird how this works out.

Sorry I cant help but look into the Max Blast cd

Hope it works or helps


But before I had it runing on 145GB with 5GB saved for a recovery image.

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Gentlemens… 1024 is a key devider, (2^x). :stuck_out_tongue:

Get your bits/bytes calculator here.

@ bcn_246, just use MaxBlast3 tool and everything will be okay. :wink:


I highly recommend you to NOT use software solutions as as MaxBlast3 unless you really have to like your motherboard cant detect the HDD properly which I guess isn’t valid in this case. I’m not sure if it helps to slipstream SP1/SP2 into the disc but it’s worth a try.
Why do you want such a large C:? No programs/games are that huge anyways.


It worked! :iagree:

I tried a Windows XP Pro with SP2 CD and it worked, showing 156328mb of space. Now I am slipstreaming SP1 into Windows XP Pro so I can get it to work with SP1 (I dont like SP2). I dont often need 160GB of space, but sometimes when I am dealing with uncompressed movies/DVD images it is useful.


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