Hard Drive Problem

Hey all,

Yesterday my friend brought over an old HDD for me to format for him. So I unplugged one of mine, plugged his in, and did the formatting. I turned my PC off and went out of the room. He took out his drive and plugged mine back in. I came back and turned my PC on, and when I went into My Computer, my second drive is no longer there. It is found in Device Manager and in Disk Management, where it is labeled as unallocated. So somehow it thinks its a new drive, but it is nearly full with information that I need.

Is there anyway I can get the computer to detect it properly, or get the info off with a free tool?


Did you erase the wrong drive? What is the free space saying on this drive? You wiped the drive to zero sectors of this HDD, sound like to me.
Did you use like Drive scrubber or Windows to do this?

There is no way I formatted the wrong drive, as the problem drive was not plugged in at the time. I used Windows CMD prompt to format it. It doesnt have a space reading as i cannot see it in my computer, and it shows up as “unallocated” in disk management.

Cheers for the reply,