Hard Drive Problem?

I bought a new HP Pavillion PC, I’ve had it now for two weeks the problem i’m having is the hard drive will not stop searching. Even with nothing open it searches and searches. It didn’t do this before I installed a few programs. I made sure the programs were vista compatible and they all were. Even after I reboot the hard drive searches and searches.There is nothing in the start up. I called Tech Support and he had me restore the PC. He told me not to install any Win XP programs because of compatibility issues. The programs I installed are CloneDVD2, Convert XtoDVD and AnyDVD. Hope someone can help me. I’ll list the PC Specs below

Intel Core 2 Quad Processor 2.4 Gigs
4 GB DDR2-667MHZ Dual Channel SDRAM4X1024
400GB 7200 RPM SATA 3GB/S Hard drive
Lightscribe 16X DVD+/-R/RW Super Multi Drive
640MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS
Sound Blaster Audigy X-FI 24-Bit Xtreme
Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit


Go to My Computer, right click on the hard drive, go to properties, and uncheck “allow indexing service to index this disk for faster searching”. My not be exact since I’m not sure how Vista is set up, but that will be what is causing your constant HDD activity.

Um, no, not at all. That’s one thing you want to leave on. The more likely suspect is system restore, assuming Vista has something like that.

Why would you want to leave this on? All it does is make searches a few seconds faster and wear out your HDD(s) more rapidly. The neglible benefit does not warrant the risk of a prematurely failing HDD to me.

System Restore only writes to the HDD intermittently (1x or 2x a day, unless you do several program installs a day, or create multiple manual checkpoints), not constantly.

vista has a recovery partition on the same drive it,s 9 gigs, for vista and other programs only 900mb free on that. What is the purpose of “allow indexing service to index this disk for faster searching” I left the PC on all night and it stopped it’s constant searching, I have no clue how long it went on for. But out of all the PC I’ve owned none have done this.

Basically, it creates a “table of contents” so it can find files faster (by my experience not much faster). If you install a program, or save some pictures off your digital camera, or rip some songs from cd, etc, it will start up again until it has indexed them as well.

To each their own, like I stated in a previous post, the risk of a dying HDD from additional strain does not reap the benefit of the use of indexing service for me.

thank you

FWIW, I’ve had almost constant HDD activity with this HDD (never had it on any of my PATA drives), I’ve just gotten used to it.

Indexing has nothing to do with my own drive’s activity, and System Restore is off on all partitions.

Like I say it’s not that bothersome and I’m just used to it. :wink:

hi, i’m new this site. i was wondering if i could get some opinions/advice about my sister’s pc. it’s a sony vaio, model#: pcv-w30.

i think she slammed the cd/dvd drive in too hard and it doesn’t work, the computer doesn’t see it, i tried troubleshooting, getting tech support online-cant find much. and they charge you for phone assistance… i hate that. i tried prying into the thing myself but can’t get to the drive…too compact and i’d practically have to break stuff to get to it…the computer’s part of the monitor.