Hard drive problem

I have a 120GB Western Digital hard drive installed and everything was working fine with it until recently. I used it to store photos on, but all of a sudden I can’t access anything on it & its asking me if I want to format the drive. Of course, I keep saying no since I have data on it. Is there any way of recovering the stuff that is on there? If so, how?

If it was me, I would go buy another HD, disconnect your current HD, but leave in in the bay, then format the new HD and install the OS on it. Once you have done that, connect the old HD as secondary, and see if you can access the data. There are numerous recovery softwares that you can use to try to salvage the data. BADCOPYPRO is one. There are quite a few others.

if im not mistaking badcopy pro doesnt work on regular hdds but can work on usb hdds at least thats what i figured from their site,anyway if i were you i would try spinrite & easyrecovery pro , keep in mind software will not always help in this sorta situtation at least if its a hdd hardware issue

if software wont help you get your data back and your data is important to you
then spend some $$$ for professional data recovery btw i recommend ontrack for that