Hard Drive Partitioning? on 60G



Ok sorry if its kidnda stupid question but this is my first hard drive im gona intall and swap, im using it on my fujitsu laptop and gona use the original disk to install original software setup but being that this is a bigger hard drive then the original which was 30g, do i need to make a bigger partition or is this done automatically?


If I understand your question, you intend to copy the old drive to the new one. I’m not sure how you do this with a laptop, sounds interesting. Anyway, depending on what program you use to copy the old data to the new drive, you might be given an option to increase the size of the partition to 60GB. If not, you will wind up with a 30GB partition on the new drive, and 30GB of unallocated space. A program like Partition Magic will re-size and merge partitions, but there are no native Windows tools for such a job, so you want to get it right the first time. Suggest a thorough read of the manual/help files for whatever utility you are using to make the swap.

This is generally referred to as “cloning” a drive. But re-sizing the partition at the same time is a sort of a specialized job, and some utilities don’t do it.


well actually what im gona do is instead of copying the old drive to the new one is this im just gona take the original installation cd my laptop came with and run it on the new 60g drive, but im not sure how much to allocate when i partition it since the original HD was only 30G and there was 1.45 allocated to the DISE_BACKUP. my old drive i bought a usb case for it so i can keep it around and if i need any data from it just plug it in and retrieve it.


Well, if the install CD gives you the option of partitioning, why would you choose 30GB? It should tell you the available space, and give you the option to select your partition size. Some of those “recovery CD’s” are proprietary software and work very differently than , say, a Windows install CD. Many of then install a variety of software and utilities. Personally, I would use a Windows install CD and install only the software I want, assuming you can still get the drivers you need from the laptop maker.