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I am having a problem in sorting out the space on my hard drive.

It is a 60GB drive and it is in 2 x 30GB partitions. Drive C is 99% full and drive D is 99% free. Both use NTFS file systems

I want to take the unused space from D and put it into C (if possible).

I understand it can be done by formatting the drive from a XP CD, however the computer came with a rescue disk instead of a XP CD and using it returns it to the same state

I think I am correct in saying that D drive is used only for the OS recovery.

I would rather do this without losing the data I have on C drive, even though I do have a back up.

Can anyone explain in simple terms how this may be done.




Hi Steve and welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

Before you consider complicated solutions like reinstalling, or uniting the partitions into one: have you thought to just copy all your data files over to the D: drive? That might free some space.

If you really only have 1% of 30GB free on your system disc (drive C), then I’m surprised XP is still working…


If you really only have 1% of 30GB free on your system disc (drive C), then I’m surprised XP is still working…

Thanks for the welcome.

I suppose the above could be the reason why the computer is so slow

I would rather, if possible keep all on drive C:


Moving stuff over to the D: drive would aslo be a good idea IMO, since if your OS drive (C: ) goes belly-up for some reason and you need to format, your stuff stays intact.

I personally have a 250GB drive on both my PC’s, each split into three chunks. I save nothing to my OS drive if I can help it. :slight_smile:


Just rechecked

Drive C: 90% full
Drive D: 99% free


OK Even with 10% free I bet that C: drive is pretty fragmented and yes, pretty slow.

Anyway if you’re sure you don’t want to off-load stuff from C:, then you will have to look at some repartitioning software which can merge C: and D: into one large C:. However you will need to make a backup first, in case it all goes wrong.

It seems rather excessive to have the recovery partition of 30 GB; normally they are a few GB only.


If I do go down the route of using D: for all except the OS, I presume the simplest way is to drag and drop. In this case will the file paths be changed automatically from C: to D:?

Sorry if this seems very trivial.



Steve I don’t know your setup, or how you’ve got the storage organised; but you definitely need to keep your installed programs on C:. It’s just any data files - for example Word docs, Excel files, DVD-Video folders, .ISO files, .avi files etc - that can be copied. If your C: drive is full of installed programs then these shouldn’t be just moved over.


no, sorry. if you are good at following instructions there are very easy and free programs to enlarge the c drive and shrink the d drive. but as imkidd suggested there is always a risk of loosing data.



ok many thanks for everyones help



Let us know how you get on, Steve; and if we can be of more help.


Acronis and Partition Magic can both change the partition sizes safely.