Hard drive or motherboard?

i have a laptop that crashed hard out of the blue. now it won’t boot up because it fails to recognize the hard drive. every once in awhile i can get it to boot up with a repair cd but even then only if it recognizes the drive and that’s rare. what do you think?

Have you tried to unplug/replug in the hard drive?

yea. and the ram as well.

i thought at at first it was the os but when i tried to reformat it did not see any drive or partitions.

Sounds a lot like a dead/dying hdd to me. :doh:

Yeah if its more than a couple years old its most likely the HDD.

Listen carefully to the hard drive. If it stops spinning randomly or makes a ackward clicking sound then i suggest to backup your data as soon as possible by adding the disk as a 2nd drive to another computer.

it finally let me do a diogostics test in the bios and it failed. thanx for all the input , it put me on the right track.