Hard Drive Not Reconized

Just the facts as simple as I can. New computer from Dell. Vista 64 bit. Two 640GB HDs in RAID 0. Had a computer shop install an additional 80GB HD to use solely as a scratch disc. Everything OK with HDs at this point. Due to several errors on my part I set the computer back to how (so they say) it was when delivered. The additional HD does not now show in “Computer”. There is, however, in device manager a listing for “Other devices” with the sub entry “Unkown device” I have no idea if this is the HD not showing in “Computer”. How do I get the additional HD reconized? thanks

[Hard Disc Drive List]
Model Name Capacity Type/Statis
HDD0:ST380815AS 80GB Non-RAID

[RAID Disc Drive List]
no listing

Disk Information
Serial: 6QZ7GPMF
Firmware: 4.AAB
Capacity: 80GB

Channel: SATA Port 0
Transfer: UDMA Mode 6
Addressing : 48-bit 2BA
Support 3G: YES
RAID Config: Non-RAID:

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did the computer shop just install an additional drive, or did they also add an add-on controller card to connect the HDD?
In that case, installing the drivers for this controller should help.


Now that you mention it…first, the drive is a new, never used, drive I happen to have. When my wife picked up the computer shee was given a mini CD that has “RAID” on the label. She was told that I would need it if I ever changed OSs. Just on aq whim I ran it (twice) and nothing happened. Nothing changed.

Maybe the system didn’t assign a drive letter to the partition?
Goto Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management (Open it)
Double Click on the Storage then Open Disk Management (Check how many partition is showing there)
Select the Partition from the Down Box to assign a Drive letter,
Right click on the Partition Select Drive Letter and Paths Click ADD
Select Assign the following Drive Letter Click OK. If restart is required Restart your computer.

Good luck.

The problem drive is now working. It would show in the BOIS and “Device Management” but not in “Computer”. I had double clicked on a drive being called “Unknown” a couple of times without success and I had installed a mini CD given me when the 3rd HD was installed that said “RAID CARD” at the top half and “DRIVER” on the bottom half. I explored the CD and saw a lot of things but not something I would think was a driver. I again opened “Device Manager” and this time right clicked “Unknown”. There was a sub-category that I followed to where I was instructed to install the driver. With the help I had received so far, I was able to ID the type of driver it was requesting. I installed the mini CD and darn if things doin’t get active. Finally saying the device was installed. Now it shows in “Computer” and works fine. Thanks for the help and time you have given me. Without which I wouldn’t had found my way.