Hard Drive not recognized

I’m having funky hard drive issues and I really need some help.
Basically my replacement hd is only recognized when it’s connected to the hd it’s supposed to replace.
Last couple of weeks my hd was making funny noises, I’ve heard it before and knew it was going to die. So I started backing up all the important stuff for when it will happen. I got a new Seagate Barracuda 1.5tb (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applicati...742&CatId=4357) for a replacement. Installed it, put in recovery disc and restarted it. It boots to the dvd drive and I see it’s loading up from the disc; there’s a status bar at the bottom. Then it stops, a window pops up saying NO HARD DISK FOUND.

Here’s what I did:
Checked, re-checked, double checked and checked 10 times over the cable connections, their good….hey! it’s sata. How hard can it be, two cables, two different connections. No chance of a mistake.
Checked all the sata data connections.
I tried using the jumpers to limit it to 1.5gb.transfer. I even tried the rest of the jumpers.
Went to seagate’s troubleshooting and faq section, spent about two hours there going over all their information and trying their solutions.
I called Seagate, this is where it gets interesting. The tech had me connect the new hd while I kept the old one connected. He ran me through some windows (right click on my computer, click on manage, then click disk management). I forgot the rest of the steps but we were able to find the hd. He had me run some other options and it was there. He waited while I disconnected both drives and hooked up the new one. Started it up and still not recognized. He then gave me two last options I should try. One was to check to see if there were new BIOS for the motherboard and to try disk wizard to make an image on the new hd.
There were new BIOS so I downloaded them and installed them. Tried again and still no hd. I then downloaded disk wizard, hooked up both hd’s and made an image on the new hd. Disconnected both hd’s hooked up the new one and it’s still not recognized.

Some things I noticed:
After installing the new bios the old hard drive stopped making noise; but it’s still running horribly.
The first 2 times i ran the disc recovery setup I got a status bar at the bottom of the screen. Everytime I ran it after that I never got the status bar, the screen would flicker and then I had a cursor flashing on the screen. Nothing worked after that.
When booting up I go into the bios settings and every option i try to open gives me a window that says file read only and my only option is too press enter to return to the main bios page….except one. The password option I can get into and change. It does not happen when the old hd is installed, just the new one.

Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this? I really appreciate any and all help.

I’m trying to install the hd into an acer aspire am5620-u5208a


the “HDD not found” message could either mean, the Sata controller is configured to an advanced operation mode like AHCI (whatever) in Bios setup. You may try if you can change that setting to IDE (or similar). On the other hand, I expect a recovery disc from the computer manufacturer to have the necessary drivers preconfigured :confused:

Additionally, please disconnect your old, bad HDD completely. It might affect your reinstallation negatively.

I even tried the rest of the jumpers.
No good. Unless you know what the other jumpers are used for.


I know seagate had problem with their 1.5TB drives from last year, and I had firend who got 3 of 6 1.5TB seagates have been RMA’d. Firmware update may or may not fix the problem. You should contact Seagate directly.