Hard Drive not in Bios

My Harddrive is a 500 GB Maxtor Harddrive and has Windows XP on.

it has been working fine until this morning, when i turned my pc on i got the error message:


I then restarted the PC and went into the Bios and the only thing in the Drive area was the DVD-RW.

The hard drive is less than 6months old.

Iv’e just got a new 500gb HD and loaded windows xp on it using the same pc. BUT i really need some data of the old HD, PLEASE HELP

:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

Update your motherboards bios.

Check your cables, you may have a loose one or bad connection.
If sata try hooking to a different spot.

The MB has like 8 Sata inputs and ive tried at least 4-5 of them and the cables are in very tight, ive changed the cables nd i know the cables work cause of the New 500Gb HD ive bought today and loaded XP home on to it. :sad:

Sometimes they do go out that fast, if it still can not be seen then it is probably dead.

What PSU do you have in the PC?
Low-end PSU’s can cause this as well.

its a Corsair HX 520W ATX2.2, i wanted one which was very quiet and it cost £60 which I thought was reasonable.

That is a good PSU.
The most likely cause is that the HDD has failed. However, some Seagate SATA disks had a firmware bug that could cause it to become unable to be seen by the computer (Maxtor is a Seagate brand). What is the model number of the Maxtor disk?