Hard drive no power

Hey gang,

Here’s my issue. I have an external Mator 200Gb firewire hard drive. It won’t power up at all. I took it out of its case and hooked it up to my computer as an internal. WHen I have it hooked up to the computer the computer won’t power up. When I take it out the computer powers up fine. How can this b? Might this external hard drive that is now an internal have an electrical issue my computer can “see” and therefore won’t start?

Any thoughts?


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Good thinking on trying the drive internally, that would have been my suggestion.

Sounds like the drive is toast though, unless anyone else has any bright ideas. :frowning:

Soounds like the hard drive has an internal short. You might go here to look at some possible fixes. http://www.hddrecovery.com.au/downloads/200ways.pdf

Thanks for the replies and link. It would be a shame to lose all the data.


There are some recovery methods thru some companys also Maxtor will recover the drive but its not cheap!!