Hard Drive light and Burner light

when the burner is burning, is the hard drive light supposed to flash at the same time as the burner light throughout the whole burn process? thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Depends, but can tell you this is perfectly normal with nec burners. When you are burning, you are constantly accessing the hdd, so you’ll get activity both lights. :slight_smile:

Thanks…well, i actually have a SONY DRU-800A…set up in the master position on the secondary ide slot, with my old burner in the slave position. i only noticed this with my new burner. when i just had one burner before (SONY DWD-22A) and a cd-rom drive, the hard drive light would not flash like this. btw i have the settings set to DMA on. would u happen to have any other suggestions tho? thanks again for the reply :slight_smile:

Look at the flashy lights??? This does not seem odd to me…it sounds normal…:slight_smile: