Hard drive led lights up when drive light is on



I recently got an NEC 4551a and whenever the light on the drive is on, the hdd activity light is on too. Is this normal? No data is being transferred (for example both leds are on when the tray is opening/closing, or when the drive is recognising discs).

Does anyone else have this on their drive?


I guess the 35xx is the same as the 4551


It happens to a lot of NEC drives and to anything I put on the first IDE channel with my Intel MB. I run 4 optical drives on both IDEs so I just get used to it.


I have my liteon 16x dvdrom connected to my nec burner on the same secondary channel. If I have a disc in my liteon, all my burns will coaster or become keychain.


Not here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you have 80 wire cable and the jumpers set correctly?