Hard drive issues (not your typical sounds)

I’ve been looking for weeks to a solution for this, hopefully somebody may have some insight

I have 2 Maxtor DiamonMax Plu9 80GB ATA 133 hard drives. At one point they were raided and acted as my data backup drives. Along the way 1 of them failed to even power on, then shortly later the other one did the same thing. And by not power on I mean they literally would not even spin up.

I did some research (not knowing a whole lot about hard drives) and it sounded like this was one of a few things. 1) the platters were stuck. I opened the top and spun them and they didn’t appear to be stuck. 2) the motor burned out, or 3) the PCB board was bad.

Well rather than spend 2 grand on a data recovery service I figured I’d try the $40 for a new PCB board. I found what I thought was a match. Here is a similar picture of the board http://i6.ebayimg.com/04/i/001/0a/65/8f6d_1.JPG. The codes on the chip matched (yellow circle in the pic) 040111300 and there was no chip at the red circle. and it was for my drive (Maxtor YAR41BW0, 6Y080P0)

So I replaced the PCB board and lo and behold the drive spun up! That was well and good for about 3 seconds until I started to hear this pinging sound. I opened up the hard drive again and saw the head moving back and forth and every time it hit that center spindle it would ping and move back. I took a video of what is happening along with some audio (sorry my camera didn’t have sound so I had to do them separately).

Now what seems odd is that both drives do this when I put that pcb board on them. So I feel this is a board issue and not a drive issue but I’m not entirely sure. Nor do I know what to do since the board is a match for my drives. Could this be a bad board? maybe the wrong one? I’m not sure what else to try. Thanks much for any help. I really need this data off these drives.

The worst thing you could have possibly done is open the case and mess with the platters. It would appear that as far as you are concerned they are just so much scrap metal now.
The head floats above the platter about a third the thickness of a human hair. any contamination ruins the drive. Particles of cigarette smoke are usually larger than the head distance.