Hard drive is working over time

Hi, I am new here, but looking for help. I am not a computer dummy, but right I feel like it. I have a Gateway 5228, and it has started reading or writing or both constantly. It has a 250 hard drive, 512 video card, and the HD is not full by any means. I have formatted and done a restore, actually did it twice, with XP Home, wasn’t any better, so I had gotten a free upgrade to Vista and thought I would try that. It still does it. And it is not just that it is making noise, but it is very slow too. I am at a loss right now. The computer will be a year old 12/26/07, and it does have the duo core. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Welcome to the Forum, well it sounds like you gotta lot of stuff running in the back ground. Go to the Run Command and type MSCONFIG, then click the tab window that says startup items, click that tab and take a long careful look at the files. I know that you will have a lot. disable all but any microsoft ones, don’t worry about your virus software you may have or not in your computer then click apply then restart your computer. When it comes on again a window will come up and put an check mark in the box and click okay. This will free up your processor, RAM and hard drive! Good Luck!

Indexing service and system restore are 2 things that can over-work a hard drive. Neither is required for most folks.

Well there is a couple of things you can do. First, start with a defrag, as it could be you have many fragmented files fo the hard drive is contantly in use because it has to find the files.

Another thing to do is a checkdisk. As you are running vista you will have to be running as administrator, so on your desktop rightclick, select new shortcut and create cmd.exe

right click the icon and select “run as administrator”.

when CMD pops up type chkdsk

A noisy hard drive is not a good hard. If it was quiet when new, it should stay that way.