Hard Drive gets smaller after using CloneDVD2 version

I copied 3 DVD’s with CloneDVD2 version and Anydvd v3.9.4.2 and my Hard Drive became 14 GB smaller.
The box “Delete temporary video files after writing” is checked. I searched HD with . and wasn’t able to find any large files on Hard Drive.
I tried to clean HD with Windows XP cleaner without success. Disk Defragmenter doesn’t help also.
After uninstalling CloneDVD2, deleting Elaborate Bytes and CloneDVDTemp directories, removing CloneDVD2 from registry problem wasn’t solved.
I’m using Windows XP Professional and HP zv5255 notebook.
Any suggestions how to recover space on Hard Drive?
Thank you.

Hi. I had the same probleme once. Altought it was not too hard too solve.
It was actually my antivirus prog. that made an copy. (norton antivirs)
If that is the case for you, simply right click the resykle bin and choose emty norton protected files. Hope this was helpful.

Sorry if my english is poor.